Alternate App to Whatsapp

Hello Reader,how're you doing. We hope you enjoy our collection of Java Appz. Here is another app we found looks similar to whatsapp even though Whatsapp still have advantage over it.
Frim is a chat application with beautiful interface and different alerts for each notifications. For those whose phone are not compatible with Whatsapp, this is an alternate app somehow related to it.
With the green design and background which makes the theme looks like Whatsapp nd also the Alert. To cut the story short, download frim by Visiting Frim OFFICIAL Website. Have you use the app or you just want to try it, leave comment on what you think of the app.
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How to Take Screenshot on any Java application

I guess we Java Users are moving close to blackberry users. You ask me how? The reason is before, Only Blackberry Users have the priviledge to Screenmunch but Now an application called Embedd SS (Embed Screenshotter) is now available for Java Users which allows us to Screenmunch on any application and i think sooner or later bbm for Java will be Launched! .
To cut the long story short, follow the simple steps in order to be able to screenmunch on Java phone.
Step 1: Download Embed Screenshotter Here
Step 2: After downloading, Install the Application and Launch it.
Step 3: Open the application. Click on the No. 1 option and scroll to the application you would like to use Screenshot on it(lets use app1.jar as example) Press the *ok* button upon reaching app1.jar and watch as the screenshotter bar loads until it loads finish.
Step 4: Now locate the "Screenshotter folder" in your file gallery and install app1.jar
Step 5: Before you can be able to screenshot, press the * and edit the Screenshot key from "42" to "49". Then click Save.
Step 6: You've successful Embed SS in app1.jar . Anytime you want to screenshot in app1, just Press key Number 1 button and the picture will automatically saved in the default folder.
feel free to drop comment if you're confused somewhere
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Bbm Unleashed: Download Bbm for Java Phones including Techno, Itel, and Others.

I received a message from one of my friend "Toyab". Below is the chat conversation that ensued between us:
Toyab: hello Friend
Me: am cool and you?
Toyab: great. I visit yourJava Appz blog and waoh! It was really great.
Me: thanks friend. Hope yuh enjoy those appz.
Toyab: Yeah.. They were so cool especially My First IQ Brain App ,the app was xo brain-challenging.
Me: am glad yuh appreciate it.
Toyab: friend, i need your help in Finding an application for me.
Me: i'll try my best but my Service aren't free.
Toyab: i understand, i'll pay.
Me: So whats the name of the app?
Toyab: its bbm for java phones.
Me: you mean blackberry messenger?
Toyab: yeah.
Me: ok. When am through i'll call you on phone. Bye
Toyab: bye.

To cut the story short,after long series of Research, i finally discover BLACKBERRY MESSENGER FOR JAVA PHONES!! it might sound awkard but its true and you can confirm from a friend of mine. Follow the steps below to download it.
Step 1: First of all, before you can download it, like my fb fanpage.
Step 2: Visit bbm official website
Step 3: Download bbm for your device(for blackberry & android)
Step 4: if you're using Java phone, then..
my bro & sis, Wait for your turn for bbm to launch for java phones since android also wait for their turn. Lol.. APriL FoOL!
happy buffday to Adie girl
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Cartoon Me (Football Version)

Cartoon Yourself (Football Version) is an application that allows you to create a cartoon with Football jersey. Football competition is currently on trend now, how about you create a Cartoon and put your club jersey on the cartoon. Your friends will find it funny.
Cartoon me (Football Version) can be used in different ways and it depends on your creativity. To download the Application, CLICK HERE. Have a great fun with the App!
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Excel for Mobile

Before i continue,you might want to Read Microsoft Word for Mobile.
I hope we all know the function of Excel on PC. Excel on PC is a software which you can input data, budget, Expenses in & out, and Others. Though its widely used by People who are into Accountancy or Commerce.
After my Post on Microsoft Word for Mobile, i received a message from one of my readers that can she get Excel for Mobile, i told her maybe and luckily i was able to discover it. Likewise Excel on PC, Mini Excel also perform the same task as the one on PC though there might be some major differences. The application can be used on all Java Enabled Phone, Simple and Easy-to-use Interface.
To download the App, simply Click on Mini Excel for Mobile.
NOTE: When taking important recording,make sure you have a backup as there might be loss of data which rarely happens
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